Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Fresh, Clean, Purified Water For Your Home or Business, Town or Country

Aotea Plumbing and Drainage help clients enjoy cleaner, filtered, fresh water in their home & businesses. If you’re keen to ensure the water you drink is clean & free from potentially harmful chemicals, it’s wise to invest in a water filter system. We can help you navigate the best solution based on your unique needs & water usage. 

We offer a range of household & commercial filtration systems & services to ensure that your family, staff & clients are drinking safe water free from chlorine, bacteria & other water contaminants.

Whole House Filtration

If you are looking for continual chlorine-free water for your bathing, shower, washing & drinking, a whole house water filter system maybe the solution for you.

A whole house water purifier is plumbed in at the mains point of entry to your home & reduces contaminants from the water before it gets to your tap, sediment, heavy metals as well as chlorine & pesticides, which means every single outlet from the kitchen to the shower & washing machine is using clean, safe & healthy water.


Under Bench & Bench Top Filtration

Perfect for home or the workplace.  We can discuss the best model to suit your requirements.

Instant hot water & cold water on tap available via benchtop faucet options. These systems are easily installed under existing kitchen benchtops & are very low maintenance. A convenient & fast way to provide your staff with clean filtered hot & cold water & often a great upgrade option for a zip water heater.

Bore Water Filtration

The first consideration with bore water, is to have the water tested for safety.  We can carry out this testing for you & recommend the most appropriate filtration services to suit your property.

Bore water can be affected or contaminated by several factors: location of sewage pipelines & septic tanks, road surfaces, sandy sediments, shallow water tables, farming or industrial activities

Concerns relating to bore water include nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, hard water, e-coli bacteria, inconsistent water clarity & changes in water quality as a result of storms or climatic fluctuations

Roof Collection/Rainwater Filtration

After rainwater is collected from a roof it should be filtered before it is stored or used. The roof & gutters of a building are not a sterile environment – therefore rainwater will pick up moss, dirt, leaves, bird faeces etc. on its way to the tank.

It is therefore essential to install an adequate filtration system & in some cases additional treatment, to ensure that the stored rainwater can be used effectively & safely.

Post-tank filters provide additional quality control to ensure cleaner rainwater for use in & around your property. By reducing colour, odour & particles in your rainwater immediately before use, they protect internal appliances, toilets and more from sediment damage and tannin stains.

Reverse Osmosis & Mineral Filtration

Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers are the optimal system for removal of contaminants as they filter down to an ionic level of 0.001 microns.  They are not only very effective at eliminating a broad range of chemicals, heavy metals, bad taste & odour, but they will also take away fluoride, bacteria & all the ‘dissolved solids’ from the water, which normal water purifiers do not remove. 

A mineralising cartridge may be used to add a mix of minerals back into the water if filtered out by RO, with an aim to also raise the pH to an alkaline level.


Why Filter Your Water?

Showering with filtered water can reduce skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, dandruff or an itchy scalp. A smart choice for anyone prone to skin/scalp sensitivity, children & infants. By removing chlorine, skin irritations & skin dehydration can often be reduced. Chlorine is especially irritating when it gets warm (when showering or bathing) & other water contaminants, can be hard on hair, nails & skin.

Chlorine in water not only tastes bad, but can cause skin irritation & has been reported as damaging pipework & cylinders.

Ditch the single use plastic bottles & fill up at home with fresh filtered clean water.

Water filtration can provide better tasting & smelling drinking water by removing chemicals & chlorine.

Many areas across NZ have hard water (limescale) issues. Limescale bonds to surfaces making them very difficult to clean.

Especially significant for commercial, food preparation applications such as cafes, restaurants, bars & supermarkets.

Filtration removes chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals & bacterial contaminants while retaining healthy mineral deposits ensuring nasty additives do not irritate our bodies. In addition to skin sensitivity, chlorine & certain dissolved minerals can be responsible for aggravating asthma. When chlorinated or contaminated water is heated (for a shower or bath) – this creates chlorinated steam, which can be aggravating when inhaled.

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